Translations & Software Development Agency


TTS Agency provides high quality translations in following fields:

  • Machinery Engineering
    • Manufacturing and processing premises construction and development
    • Industrial equipment
    • CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM/PDM solutions
    • Industrial automation, SCADA, Industrie 4.0
  • Aerospace
    • Aircraft flight operation
    • Aircraft service and maintenance
    • Ground handling
  • Mining Industry
    • Field development
    • Mining equipment and machinery
    • Survey tools
  • Power Engineering and Utilities
    • Power plants construction and development
    • Gas-turbine power units
    • Power distribution systems
    • Security systems
    • Renewable power sources
    • Power plant equipment
  • Medical Science and Medical Equipment
    • Medical Equipment
    • Dentistry
  • IT & Telecom
    • APL
    • Cyber security
    • Standard and custom software
    • Sites and software localization
    • Deep learning, Blockchain, and Big Data
    • Large-scale networks development and deployment
  • Electronics
    • Industrial electronics
    • Consumer electronics
    • Professional and custom measurement instrumentation
    • Microsystem electronics
    • Semiconductors
  • Science and Education
    • Scientific papers in physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, machinery, geology, etc.
    • Patents
    • Education quidances, guielines, subtitles to video instructions


Translation service includes:

  • translation by subject expert
  • linguistic review
  • proofreading

Additional options

  • layout
  • raw images and diagrams translation

Get Your Quote

The price tag depends on the text size and the deadline, the source language, the source text format, and many other aspects. Rates for specific orders may vary significantly. To estimate the delivery time please note that to maintain high quality a skilled translator is able to translate no more than 3,000 words a day, which is roughly ten A4/Letter size pages, font 14, single spaced (use the Statistics tool in MS Word for word count). Processing images may take much longer. Editing as a rule is performed much faster but it depends on the source quality. As to proofreading the average amount is 60…80 pages per day. Finally, our regular customers enjoy priority service and discounts.


Concerning confidentiality the trade of translating is similar to the trade of medicine. Quite often our customers are competing companies; we may translate a groundbreaking piece of news to be released in a week; the text may relate to national security, or it could be a private medical record. Whatever we translate, confidentiality is guaranteed. If necessary we execute a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Our customers

For the confidentiality reason we never disclosure who our clients are; we never publish any source or translated texts; we never publicly discuss our jobs (like on translator forums, for instance). We just can say that currently we have 21 active long-term contracts, and among the customers we have:

  • two world’s largest CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM vendors
  • two large international advertising, marketing and public relations agencies
  • the largest Russian CAD vendor
  • a well-known US-Russian software company
  • four international translation agencies
  • a number of private clients